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Cristina Lalli
Cristina Lalli grew up with pencil and spiral-bound notebook in hand. Books were mostly a thing that belonged in the nearby public library, only to be borrowed, but never owned. Perhaps it was this coveted relationship with books that caused her to hoard them, and eventually, make them, later in life.

Cristina’s career began as a graphic designer and illustrator, but it was while teaching in the United Kingdom that she discovered and enrolled into the MA Children’s Book Illustration program at Cambridge School of Art.

Cristina enjoys working with a combination of printmaking (mostly linoleum block printing, monoprint, and letterpress) as well as ink, watercolor, and hand drawn elements layered, collaged, or altered digitally. She is always experimenting with process to find the best visual feel for each project, and she enjoys getting her hands dirty! She looks forward to putting books in libraries, schools, and homes around the world.

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